Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu wants to make her Bollywood debut with THIS Superstar

Harnaaz Sandhu made India proud as she won the Miss Universe title this year. Now, it looks like she is all set for her Bollywood debut. Read on to know more...

Dec 23, 2021 - 10:47
Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu wants to make her Bollywood debut with THIS Superstar

In 1994, Sushmita Sen had won the title of Miss Universe. Later in 2000, Lara Dutta brought the crown to India, and now, after 21 years, Harnaaz Sandhu has won the title of Miss Universe for the country. After winning the Miss Universe title, Sushmita and Lara entered the Bollywood film industry. So, will Harnaaz follow their footsteps? Well, it looks like the current Miss Universe might make her Bollywood debut as she is already an actress and has been doing theatre for the past five years. 

While talking to E-Times about her plans of entering Bollywood, Harnaaz said, "I don't know what would happen, because I am a person who never plans life. But given a chance, I would love to be a part of it, because that has been my dream. I am an actor by profession; I've done theatre for the last 5 years. I have a vision of influencing people and breaking stereotypes of what women are and what they can be, and that can happen through acting. Because in today's times, people get so intimidated, so influenced by movies. That's the way I can influence people and inspire them by following my passion, just doing the best for the society." 

When she was asked if there is any particular actor or director she would like to make her Bollywood debut with, Harnaaz said, "Given a chance, I am excited to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali. I love the way he works, I love the quality, the art, the feeling, and the depth of each and every detail that's in his movies and his work.” 

“I have mentioned this before, I share a lot of respect and love for Shah Rukh Khan. The amount of hard work he has done and is still doing, it's never enough I think. But he has always stayed grounded, he has always managed the success. And the way he has been talking in every interview, that really inspired me, that it's just about your attitude that takes you places. He is a wonderful artist and a wonderful human being,” she added.

Well, it will be interesting to watch Harnaaz romance Shah Rukh Khan on the big screen.

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